Raineo: the future of rainwater management
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What is Raineo?

Raineo builds an underground system, tht catches, cleans and stores excess rainwater for future use. In times of extreme weather conditions, due to the climate change, Raineo systems are a solution to many problems. They help you preventing floods in times of excessive rain and store the water for long periods of drought. Then, the collected water can be used for sanitary purposes or irrigation.

The System

A typical Raineo system catches rainwater, redirects it to a cleaning station and stores it into a tank, built of stormboxes or infiltration pipes. Sometimes they also include flow control units to discharge the tank.

Application Areas

The Raineo System can be used in many applications such as: Parking lots and roads, Urban agglomerations, Stadiums and sports grounds, Airports, Commercial and industrial areas as well as in Agriculture.

Catching and Redirecting

The Raineo® system collects and conducts the rainwater through line drainages, gullies, inspection chambers, pipes and manifolds towards an underground filter system.

Cleaning of Water

The water gets cleaned and filtered. This step prevents due to sand and sediment traps or oil traps. Also combi and chemical filters for removal of heavy metals and other harmful substances are available.

Storage of Water

The water is stored for further reuse. This step works with a water buffer lined with geotextile for infiltration as well as with a flow control for a controlled discharge of water.

Easy Maintenance

The System grants easy access to pipes, filters, distribution and flow control chambers through manholes. It also allows to access the basin through inspection chambers.

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Made by One of the world's leading suppliers of plastic pipe systems.

Raineo®: The Benefits


For decades, each component of a Raineo® system can be trusted. That is why all components are designed and developed by Pipelife. To guarantee high standards, only virgin raw materials are used for the critical construction parts. This process guarantees the strength and durability of Raineo®


Sustainability represents an integral part of our corporate culture and is embedded in all stages of the production process. We aim to ensure that the highest environmental standards are maintained throughout the entire lifecycle of our products.


The Raineo® system can always be easily inspected and maintained thanks to easy access to pipes, filters and flow control chambers through manholes. Furthermore, there is the posibilty to access the basin through inspection chambers.

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Made by One of the world's leading suppliers of plastic pipe systems.

Raineo®: The Configurator

Perfect aid for the designer: reduces the normal work amount from 3-6 hours down to 2-3 minutes
Easy to use and install, updated online but works also offline.
Based on European standard EN 858
Creates full system drawing for drop-in´s either in DWG or PDF.
Only required parameters are aerial size and application determination.
Over 300 different variations available

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